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Different Type's of Body Jewellery Part 1

Different Type's of Body Jewellery Part 1

So, you've successfully healed your piercing and are eager to switch up the jewelry. Perhaps you're a bit unsure about what you need, or maybe the world of piercing accessories is still a bit unfamiliar. No worries! Today, let's delve into the diverse shapes and styles of body piercing jewelry and explore which ones are perfect for various piercings.

Circular Jewelry:

Circular jewelry is incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of piercings as long as you have the right gauge and size. Whether it's your nostril, lip, conch, tragus, helix, septum, nipple, or navel, a ring can complement these piercings seamlessly. Clickers, closure rings, and hinged segment rings are user-friendly options. Closure rings bend apart sideways and snap back together, while clickers have a barbell portion that opens and shuts with a satisfying "click." Segment rings seamlessly close, making it impossible to discern the opening.
Captive Ring:

Captive rings, also known as ball captive rings, do not open but rely on gentle pressure to secure an object within a confined space, keeping the ring closed. Some incorporate beads, charms, or gem-set discs for added flair. While these rings are extremely secure, inserting and removing them can be a bit tricky. Special pliers can assist in this process, ensuring you're gentle to avoid misshaping the ring. Captive rings are a classic choice, especially for those who prefer less frequent jewelry changes.


Barbells, available in straight or curved forms, are common jewelry shapes. Straight barbells are popular in industrial and tongue piercings, while short barbells and flatback labret studs are suitable for cartilage piercings. Cartilage piercings benefit from the stability these jewelry types provide, minimizing movement during the healing process. Curved barbells are essential for navel, eyebrow, and rook piercings, though they may be switched to other styles post-healing, depending on your anatomy.

Circular Barbell (Horseshoe):

Circular barbells, also known as horseshoes, offer a fantastic compromise between rings and barbells. Their accessible ends make insertion and removal a breeze, requiring no special tools. Horseshoes work well in a variety of piercings, from navels and tragus to nipples, lips, and noses, provided they are correctly measured.

In deciding on new jewelry for your piercing, the first step is understanding your preferences. With this information, you're now equipped to make an informed decision. If any lingering doubts or questions remain, don't hesitate to consult your trusted piercer!

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